Chlorine-free ecological water treatment


An environmentally friendly product, thanks to its unique approach.

Chlorine-free ecological water treatment developed for our business partners and organizations opened to the public.

Ecological water treatment. Professional filtration and chlorine-free ecological water treatment. UV-C and OZONE: filtration that meets the strictest health standards. Environmentally friendly product

Let’s not be mistaken, some of our colleagues, after seeing the success of our filtrations, integrated UV-C lamps of a few watts or corona ozonators (not recommended by all professionals in such a humid environment) into their filtration systems. These systems cannot compare to the power of our systems. For example, our mid-range system “PRO” has 3 lamps of a total power of 275 watts.

environmentally friendly product

Thanks to the innovative Ultra Bio Ozone system combining UV and ozone, chlorine-free water treatment becomes child’s play.

With a power adapted to the flow, UV-C lamps are extremely effective in eradicating microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and other organic material suspended in air and water.

Germicidal lamps are widely used in air and water purification applications, including drinking water, ultrapure water, food, and beverage industries.

Ozone has been used for years in the removal of algae with very good results.

When ozone is compared with other strong oxidants, within a short period of time ozone performs better than potassium permanganate and chlorine hydrogen peroxide.

An environmentally friendly product that respects the environment,

thanks to its unique approach.

We use a combination of UV light and ozone gas to disinfect the water instead of chlorine.

This is a much safer choice for the skin and the health of the swimmer because it involves no harmful residual chemicals and no carcinogens like chloramines.

environmentally friendly product
environmentally friendly product
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Years of research and development

Nearly 20 years of experience and a patent for our Ultra-Bio-Ozone® filtration systems have allowed us to acquire valuable expertise in the fields of filtration and ecological water treatment. offers a range of products adapted to the safety, regulatory and environmental restrictions to which all our partners are subject to.

traitement écologique de l’eau, UV et ozone
traitement écologique de l’eau, traitement de l'eau, UV et ozone
traitement écologique de l’eau, traitement de l'eau, UV et ozone
traitement écologique de l’eau, traitement de l'eau, UV et ozone
traitement écologique de l’eau, traitement de l'eau, UV et ozone

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