The crucial issues of water treatment

issues of water treatment. hot tub filtration system. In an establishment open to public, the quality of the water takes precedence. Ready to install. How to treat spa water?

In an establishment open to the public, the quality of the water takes precedence.

Issues of water treatment, regulatory requirements, and maintenance challenges can obliterate promises of profitability for your new hot tub.
From the moment of purchase, you must consider the long-term vision determines the success of a hot tub or Jacuzzi. Ready to install hot tub

The very tempting trap of ordinary filtration

While water quality regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, administrative penalties are not the only risk faced by careless public facility operators.
These days, concerned visitors don’t hesitate to share their grievances on social media, which can quickly undermine a long-established reputation.

So if the choice of a hot tub is important, the selection of a filtration method and bacteriological treatment system is crucial. However, manufacturers and sellers of hot tubs or Jacuzzis often neglect these essential parameters.
Many customers focus on the design and price when it is the less visible elements of a hot tub that demand more attention and an uncompromising budget.

The frequent use of hot tubs available at hotels, lodges, campsites, and other accommodations generates significantly more upkeep compared to those linked to private use.
This means ordinary filtration will not do the job.

Why is it so difficult to treat a hot tub at 38ºC  – even with chemicals (chlorine/bromine)?

Several parameters influence the quality of the water:

  • Properties of the filling water
  • Heating the water to 38ºC is required to inhibit bacterial growth
  • pH regulation is often absent
  • A wooden tank generates a significant release of tannin
  • Outdoor installations are subject to a substantial amount of organic matter (leaves, dust, pollen, various pollutants, etc.)
  • Multiple users
  • Random showering – bacterial contamination comes mainly from bathers

The solution:
Combine efficiency and prevention with Ultra-Bio-Ozone®!

8 years of experience and more than 100 installations in France attest to the reliability of an innovative system designed specifically for hot tubs and Jacuzzis installed in public buildings.
Thanks to its unique approach, Ultra-Bio-Ozone® targets all the parameters that affect water quality, while respecting the environment.

Ultra-efficient filtration combined with a unique bacteriological Ozone and UV treatment.

One of our filter’s unique enhancements lies in the combination of several different processes: high-performance filtration, powerful UV-C lamps, and unique (patented) ozone injection to effectively target the entire spectrum of pathogenic contaminations.

It is the Swiss army knife in the fight against bacteria.
Even better: the Ultra-Bio-Ozone® patent also prevents the development of the dreaded biofilm and avoids the massive use of chemical strike force when it is already too late.
As adhesive as it is intrusive, this biofilm is formed by the cooperation of bacteria, fungi, algae, or other protozoa.



All the parameters mentioned above generate significant microbial development which must be combated in a strong and targeted manner.

Operators enter a vicious circle because the use of recommended doses of chemicals (chlorine / bromine) is often insufficient. Increasing quantities beyond standards is therefore the only way out.

You must know that :

Chlorine and bromine do not penetrate the adhesive and protective matrix of the biofilm.
These chemical agents are therefore unable to eliminate it and the microorganisms continue to proliferate.

Consequences for the user

The hot tub, which is supposed to be relaxing, becomes an unpleasant concentrate of chemicals.

Important :

After a few weeks of use, biofilm invades all the components of a hot tub and filtration system.
Manual cleaning and simple emptying will not get rid of the biofilm which insinuates itself in the most inaccessible interstices:
pipes, pumps, filters, etc.
Filling a bathtub without having completely eradicated the biofilm means contaminating the water immediately!

Ultra-Bio-Ozone® professional water filtration:

How to treat spa water?

Easy to install: delivered assembled and “ready to install”, our system can be adapted to existing installations.

If the regulations of a country require, our system is completed by the injection of chlorine or bromine, which is automatically adjusted to the minimum rate possible.

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