Designed for comfort, use, and maintenance.

An exceptional product suitable for the most unusual accommodations.

Guaranteed to increase your occupancy rate.

Top of the line and respectful of the environment, thanks to its unique approach.

Our hot tub is designed for comfortable use and easy maintenance. Offering a hot tub is ideal for positioning your establishment in the high-end category

Hot tub for rental professionals.

In private rentals, we see an increase in the price of accommodation
from 40 to 90 € per night.

Improved water quality.

Bacteriological treatment of the water by UV and ozone ensures flawless water quality.

Filtration suitable for intensive use.

Fully automated.

Fully automated daily management with alarms in the event of a malfunction.

The maintenance of our hot tubs requires very little: no products, no cleaning or water change.
The result: savings in terms of time and consumables.

Photos of installations from satisfied customers: