Hot tubs, spas, and jacuzzis for companies or establishments open to the public.

Neglecting water treatment can be costly. Therefore, the choice of the filtration system is very important.
The perfect choice: a hot tub designed for rental, with professional filtration to handle intensive use while meeting regulations.

We ship worldwide.

Are you planning to install a hot tub, a spa, or a jacuzzi at your business or establishments open to the public?
So do not make the mistake of neglecting water treatment!


8 years of experience with businesses and establishments open to the public.


An unique, environmentally friendly product.

Absolute Serenity

Fully automated, programmable, and built-in alarm.

Red cedar hot tub

Ø 150-220 cm

red cedar

Overflow jacuzzi & spas in stainless steel

200-220 cm

Overflow jacuzzi stainless steel

Stainless steel hot tub

Ø 150-220 cm

Stainless steel

Our Hot Tub

Professional Water Filtration, ARS Standards (France)

Ultra bio ozone® system (UBO)

Natural, organic, and accordingly respectful of the environment.

Quality Materials

Canadian red cedar

Multi-material cover, staircase, inner benches, 3 stainless steel clamping rings, delivery nozzle system.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Individualized for each user

Easy to install: delivered assembled and “ready to install”.

Ideal for establishments open to the public

The frequent use of hot tubs available at hotels, cottages, campsites, and other accommodations generates significantly more upkeep compared to those related to private use.

This means ordinary filtration won’t be suitable.

spa filtration skid, hot tub filtration skid, hot tub skid bacteriological treatment, jacuzzi treatment on skid


spa filtration skid, hot tub filtration skid, hot tub skid bacteriological treatment, jacuzzi treatment on skid


spa filtration skid, hot tub filtration skid, hot tub skid bacteriological treatment, jacuzzi treatment on skid


spa filtration skid, hot tub filtration skid, hot tub skid bacteriological treatment, jacuzzi treatment on skid


Canadian red cedar wood is visually pleasing and has a smooth texture. Beyond aesthetic, this noble material invites you to commune with the surrounding environment. Whether indoors with background music and subdued lights or outdoors with fresh air and the whispers of nature offering a breathtaking view of a blue or starry sky. During these moments of relaxation, silence is gold.

The Silent+ mode is an extra feature of our hot tub over other hot tubs and spas whose jet machines are just as noisy for the user as for other customers. Thanks to its quiet power and patented injection system, our treatment process consequently ensures that the water is perfectly healthy and clear at all times in spite of heavy use.

open to the public, water treatment, spas
open to the public, water treatment, spas
open to the public, water treatment, spas
open to the public, water treatment, spas
traitement de l’eau

Hot tubs, spas, and jacuzzis are a premium asset for any kind of accommodation willing to offer first-class comfort to their customers.

While a hot tub is ideal for high-end accommodations, it also requires precise and rigorous maintenance.

However, many companies offer a poorly adapted water treatment system like a swimming pool one. In fact, some even go so far they exempt themselves from any type of water treatment !

For 10 years, we have been implementing a water treatment unit with an eco-responsible approach.
This approach is carried out in close collaboration with our partners who offer a variety of unusual accommodations.
Innovative in several ways, this filtration system meets the needs of professionals who are subject to very strict hygiene standards.

Years of experience

An eco-responsible approach

Product benefits for both operators and customers.

Our water filtration system is the perfect answer to the ecological aspirations of today.
Indeed, no expensive and harmful chemicals are needed to keep the water pure.

Thanks to a customized UV-C filtration with a patented ozone injection system, the water is subject to a complete sterilization of the highest quality, without any addition of chlorine* or any other product.

*where required by the regulations of certain countries, the minimum chlorine injection is automatically adjusted to the minimum rate of the standard in place.

Hot tub and jacuzzi, open to the public, water treatment, spas
The eco-responsible approach allows our hot tubs, spas, and jacuzzis to be both pleasant and perfectly hygienic while respecting the environment, even beyond what current regulations require.

Our unique filtration and water treatment system sets us apart from our competitors for businesses and establishments open to the public. To sum up, the advantages are both economical and practical.

Equipping your establishment with one or more of our hot tubs attracts customers who want to completely relax. They will experience a feeling of floating in weightlessness, thanks to a water level reaching one meter on average, in contrast with Jacuzzis which are more shallow.

Custom 316 stainless steel hot tub, for luxury residence project Saint Martin Caribbean

The maintenance of our hot tubs, spas, and jacuzzis requires very little time. Meanwhile, no chemical products and no daily cleaning or water change are needed. Significant savings are made in terms of consumables and maintenance.

In the end, these advantages lead to excellent profitability for your hot tub.

As a high-quality, environmentally-friendly feature, your hot tub will consequently increase the rate of occupancy and the price per night.

First, order our hot tub and filtration system today. Then, offer your customers an unique relaxation experience. Finally, enjoy the increasing reputation of your business as well as new profit !

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Also discover our Ofuro wooden bathtubs. Square, oval or rectangular, it will add a unique touch of luxury to your wellness area.

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will be happy to team up with you in all your projects.

Thank you for your visit and your feedback. See you soon !


Our Work

Increase your turnover and occupancy rate like the properties below

Cabanes des grands lacs


Ecological hot tub on the water.

Bain nordique et jacuzzi

Nina villa

Saint Barthélemy

Villa Nina is an incredibly beautiful, ultra-luxury, 3 apartment house perfectly located on the beach.

Cabanes des grands reflets


A unique concept in France with respect for the environment.

Village flottant pressac


Hot tub or outdoor jacuzzi. Relax between water and sky.

wood fired hot tub, japanese wood fired hot tub, wood fired jacuzzi, jacuzzi stainless steel, jacuzzi spa, acuzzi spa stainless steel

Eden rock

Saint Barthélemy

A privileged and even exclusive destination, with its much appreciated art of living.

Cabanes des grands chênes


Hot tub perched in the trees.

Cabanes du hérisson


A unique adventure

Hotel whitepod


Whitepod aims to prove that hospitality and environmental conservation can coexist to create a unique and positive experience.

The spa at galgorm


Experience the ultimate in relaxation and luxury wellness at Galgorm.

Hotel 48° nord


Break away from the outside world.

Coucoo grands cépages


Located on the grounds of a beautiful natural site with woods and water.

Bain de foret


Located in the heart of the pine forest of Hardelot between Boulogne-sur-Mer and Le Touquet

The cliff

Sint Maarten

Taylor-made spa in 316 stainless steel, renovation of the wellness area in a prestigious residence on the island of Saint Martin.

Sûnelia domaine de champé


5-star campsite in the Vosges, in the town of Bussang in the heart of the Ballons des Vosges regional natural park.

Petit bomal farm suites


Five luxury suites are being created in Durbuy. Nestled in the main building of an old Farm-Castle dating from the 17th century.

Hotel N14


An elegant and sumptuous property, No. 14 has the most bedrooms of any chalet in Verbier, along with a spa and swimming pool.

New Feature

View the current status of your hot tub and access settings, all from the convenience of your phone or device.

Hot tub and jacuzzi

The digital tsunami of the 21st century is creating a naturalist groundswell.
Stemming from a thousand years old tradition in Scandinavia, the Nordic bath is currently seducing the rest of Europe.
Whether you call it a Finnish bath, a Norwegian bath, or a Swedish bath, the Nordic bath or hot tub takes us back to the original source of well-being.
Elaborated with quality wood and uncompromising water treatment, our hot tubs maintain mental and physical health.
Besides our detailed app, these natural elements allow you to reconnect with your inner compass or fight stress.


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