Hot tub on the cloud

Hot tub on cloud

New feature:
Your hot tub connected to the cloud

Control your hot tub from your phone wherever you are.


Connected to the cloud you can check and change the temperature remotely

Application cloud

Cloud computing.

Digital pH and ORP sensor

Simultaneous measurement of pH and ORP

Cloud data logging

For graphical monitoring.

Control by Wifi

Compatible with IOS & Android, it allows you to control temperature, pressure, pH and power

Hot tub on cloud

IOS & Android 

Hot tub on cloud

Ergonomic Dashboard

Hot tub on cloud

Time Stamped Values

Hot tub on cloud

Graphical Data Tracking

Hot tub on cloud

With our innovative development and unique materials.

  • Connect your smart bath by WIFI
  • Synchronize data to the cloud
  • Easy settings

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